“Rhymes with Giant”

Regulated Infrastructure for Digital Economies

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We offer a secure plug-in for businesses that enables digital creators, gamers, and entrepreneurs to buy and sell content using fiat or crypto, store valuable digital assets, facilitate NFT transactions, build value-driven economies, and easily monetize virtual activities. From gaming platforms and social networking apps to virtual reality environments, our integration allows businesses to deliver a frictionless experience that minimizes fraud and money laundering risks, while always adhering to the complexities of financial services compliance.

Unlock Your Platform’s Commercial Potential

Enable, control, and monitor financial transactions all within your platform.

Empower creators, gamers, and users to monetize their virtual activities.

Deliver a seamless commerce experience backed by robust security and regulatory compliance.

Our Team

Powered by a team of innovative thinkers, passionate creators, and financial stewards

Our Clients Include Some of the Most Innovative, Iconoclastic Web2 and Web3 Projects on the Digital Landscape

We are “Fiant” so that
our clients can be “Defiant”



A Challenge to the Status Quo
Embracing Harmony and Order
  • Rebellion: Defiance often involves challenging existing norms or authority.
  • Compliance and Agreement: Contrasting with rebellion, Fiant could represent harmony with existing systems.
  • Boldness and Courage: A lone figure standing against a crowd.
  • Collaboration and Unity: Instead of standing alone, visuals could focus on teamwork, community, and bringing people together.
  • Innovation and Disruption: Defiance in a business context could mean pioneering new paths, disrupting traditional markets, or introducing groundbreaking technologies.
  • Tradition and Continuity: Emphasizing respect for established methods and history.
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